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How to setup the Wifi Smart Home Security IP Wireless Small CCTV Camera

This is a  Home offices Security MINI WIFI 1080P IP Camera Wireless Small CCTV Infrared Night Vision Motion Detection camera .
It can be placed in homes , offices, or anywhere and can be accessed using v380s application apk for android or ios or desktop app,on your android devices, iphones, ipads, and PC.
you can either connect and access the camera recordings and live recordings using the app remotely with just your mobile wifi ,this requires no internet connection,this connection mode will enable you to view when you are around the location where the camera is installed,
the second connection mode is through the wifi, this enable you to install the camera wherever you want to install it, and set a wifi beside it and connect it to the wifi using the v380s app, once connected, you can then access all live viewing and recording on your mobile devices and desktops from anywhere in the world using your mobile data. The wifi need to be where the camera is installed while you use mobile data to access it through the v380s app when you are far away.

you can download the v380s app for android devices here;topic=17944.0;attach=494
or use google playstore,

You can also search on google to download the v380s app for all other devices!
watch how to setup video guide using this link on youtube.