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Fingerprint Attendance Machine Clock In/out + Backup Battery


Suitable for companies, offices, schools, churches and organisations for staffs record keeping and monitoring. the biometric time attendance Report: without any set, the fingerprint machine will automatically generate a report, and direct export by USB disk;The device is Powered by electricity.

This device logged the clock in and clock out time in the machine report and can be accessed under report.

Unusual statistics: After setting the frequency and scheduling , you can also automatically generate a report of all worker’s late,early-leave , and absent anomalies statistical,and export the USB disk.
Without software or computer can automatically store the attendance record ,and summary into the attendance record and late arrival statistics,and a variety of statistics can be output to the U disk with excel format at the same time,convenient query and editing on the computer to print.

The biometric Fingerprint time attendance Export Report in (EXCEL format).

Note – This device is powered by electricity , Not with inbuilt battery. also external batteries , UPS , powerbank can also power it but not included.


please charge backup battery before use.

it is advisable to use backup battery alone without plugging to AC power. that is use it when its charged ,dont plug it to power and
use with the machine at the same time.

Backup battery can be plugged to but the output and input port depending the cable we add to your backup battery.if you receive cable for plugging with output, then use with out, if you receive cable for plug with input ,use input.not that it will supply power out on both port.

backup battery charger should be plugged into the input port only.

Note – do not use the backup battery charger to power your device.,the port look the same but the voltage is different.




2.4-inch TFT high-definition color screen, display the fingerprint image, English display names, the voice prompts.
Sensitive Identify Speed
Simple operation, Easy management, Offline Use, Standalone, no need software, no need memory card, no need connect computer internet.
USB one-key download date sheet from machine
Language : English or Chinese
The sixth generation of fingerprint identification technology, high recognition rate, recognition of less than 0.5 seconds.
T9 input method, edit names directly from attendance button.
Large memory
Attendance record -100000
finger record – 1000
Password record – 1000
Powered Capacity – Dc 5volts adapter Note -this device is powered by electricity
Super capacity.
Attendance machine also can be directly help you scheduling, can be set up to 10.
Fingerprint verification has corresponding voice prompt success or failure,
at the same time, the screen prompt words.
With repeated confirmation time remind function.
Can be directly set personnel information on the attendance machine,
without using computer, saving cost greatly.
Only after the success of the fingerprint verification of the administrator,
can enter the fingerprint machine Settings menu,
ordinary users can’t enter the menu operation, ensure the safety of data.
This device is powered by electricity AC 220V , Not with inbuilt battery. also external batteries , UPS , Powerbank can also power it but not included.
Log Capacity: 100,000 events
Authentication Method: Fingerprint, Password
U-disk Upload / Data Download: support
Record Query: support (people can query their own attendance record
after authentication)
Rotational Angle: Total Rotational Angle
Effective Sensing Area: 16*16mm
Identification Time: ≤1s
FRR: ≤0.1%
FAR: ≤0.00001%
Operating Mode: Off-line / On-line
Authentication Mode: 1:1, 1:N
Language: Chinese, English, Korean
Voice Prompt: support
Power Management: Auto Sleep Time, Auto Power Off Time
Power Adapter: DC5V/1A
Operating environment: Operating Temp: 0°C~+45°C, Humidity: 20%~80%RH

Package include

1 x Biometric Fingerprint Time Attendance
1 x Adapter
1 x User Manual
1* Backup Battery
1* backup battery charger


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