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Time Attendance Face Recognition Machine+Backup Battery


this is biometric face fingerprint password time attendance machine with voice prompts, it’s easy and convenient for you to operate.
High definition dual-lens, infrared lens allow to identify even at night.

High total reflection optical fingerprint sensor.Three ways to identify — face, fingerprint and password attendance.
Recognition time is less than 1s, high standard fuzzy recognition.

High-speed 32-bit processor for high-speed identification and reduced errors.
Huge storage space – 300 face records, 1000 fingerprints and User Records 3000000 record storage capacity.

No need to install additional software, the attendance machine can export information through the U disk and automatically generate reports.
Suitable for offices, factories, hotels, schools, restaurants, retail stores, hospitals, etc.

Note – This Device is powered by electricity only. and can also be powered by powerbanks. check our store for the usb cable for powerbank use.


please charge backup battery before use.

it is advisable to use backup battery alone without plugging to AC power. that is use it when its charged ,dont plug it to power and
use with the machine at the same time.

Backup battery can be plugged to but the output and input port depending the cable we add to your backup battery.if you receive cable for plugging with output, then use with out, if you receive cable for plug with input ,use input.not that it will supply power out on both port.

backup battery charger should be plugged into the input port only.

Note – do not use the backup battery charger to power your device.,the port look the same but the voltage is different.




Function – face+fingerprint+password
300 face records
1000 fingerprints
communication way- usb

NOTE- this is not recheargable and not with inbuilt battery.
it is powered by electric,use UPS for stable voltage supply.
it can also be powered by powerbanks with 2.1A usb port,
check our stores to order the machine usb cable for use with powerbanks.

Package include

1 * Attendance Machine
1 * Power Adapter
1 * Screw Bag
1 * User Manual
1* Backup Battery
1* backup battery charger


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